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year: 2020


Directed by: Valery Todorovsky

Written by: Lubov Mulmenko, Valery Todorovsky

DOP:  Jean-Noёl  Mustоnen F.S.C.

Produced by:  Marmot Film (Russia)

Cast:  Sergey Giro, Maxim Sukhanov  

Runtime: 113 minutes

World premiere:  42nd Moscow International Film Festival 

Theatrical release in Russia: Sony Pictures Russia

Misha suffers from sleepwalking, so his mother takes him to the renowned hypnotherapist Volkov for treatment. At first, Misha is enchanted by the famous doctor, he spend a lot of time with him, assists at his sessions, meets his other patients and falls in love with Polina whose issue is the fear of death. Gradually Misha starts to realise that all this time Volkov was playing dangerous games with his mind.  


road movie/drama


year: 2020


Directed by: Alexey Uchitel

Written by: Alexander Gonorovsky

DOP: Yury Klimenko

Produced by:  Rock Films  

Cast:  Yevgeny Tsyganov, Maryana Spivak, Paulina Andreeva

Runtime: 98 minutes 

World premiere:  36th Warsaw International Film Festival 

Theatrical release in Russia: autumn 2020 

Distributor: Karo Prokat 

It’s August, 1990 – and Pavel, a bus driver on a Latvian highway, kills the most famous rock star in the Soviet Union, Viktor Tsoi.

An ordinary man, Pavel always tried to do the right thing, never taken sharp turns. Never heard Tsoi’s songs, either. 

Pavel will drive singer's body to Leningrad, since there's no one else to do the job. A party of mourners – Tsoi’s wife and her new boyfriend, Tsoi's mistress, his producer, his young son and an obsessed photographer - all accompany the body.

This is going to be a long trip, the perfect occasion for an agonising unravelling of love, jealousy, ambition, and greed. 




year: 2020


Directed by: Dmitry Rudakov

Written by: Dmitry Rudakov

DOP: Alexey Fillips

Produced by:  Rock Films  

Cast:  Alexander Ryazantsev, Pavel Tabakov, Fyodor Lavrov

Runtime: 96 minutes 


USSR, 1980.

The story evolves around the last days of Soviet writer, poet and Gulag survivor Varlam Shalamov. The film follows the efforts of two of Shalamov's most devoted admirers to preserve the author's legacy, remnants of which they seek out in lost manuscripts and audiocassettes, and even in the ageing Shalamov's own collapsing memory. Having lost his sight and hearing and living in a retirement home, he carried on doing the only thing that mattered to him - writing - until his final breath.

This film is a testament to the value of writings that tell the unpalatable truths of the 20th century. To evoke the gritty texture of the Soviet world, Sententia is shot on 16mm black and white film. 



in production

year: 2022


Directed by: Andrey Kravchuk

Written by: Arif Aliyev

DOP: Morad Abdel-Fattakh

Produced by: Rock Films  

Languages: Russian, Arabic 

Budget: USD 8 mln 


Based on real events

The films follows a Syrian War Explosive Ordnance Disposal team who are targeted by ISIS militants while they prepare the recently liberated historic site of Palmyra to hold a symbolic concert of the Mariinsky Symphony Orchestra. The peacekeeping event can only be held in Palmyra that has been severely damaged by the terrorists only if the ancient city and the roads leading to it are defused. The EOD team clears the way one kilometer at a time. But the closer they get to the center of Palmyra, the more destructive the explosives. Tension grows between the young team Captain and the most experienced of the EOD experts. And yet, despite their differences, when the team falls into an ambush and the Captain goes missing, it’s the experienced sapper that sets out to search for him.



in production 

year: 2021

Directed by: Eduard Zholnin

DOP: Maxim Efros 

Cast: Yevgeny Tkachuk, Ivan Reshetnyak, Oleg Yagodin

Produced by: Rock Films  

Language: Russian


After having been away for many years, Yegor returns to his home village. From his younger brother Pashka he learns about mysterious death of his father. The two brothers inherit a small farm with a few cows and a debt to the local businessman Gleb. To pay this debt Gleb suggest they sell the cows for meat and give him the land, but Pashka is against this. Yegor and Pashka fight, and after the father's funeral Pashka takes the cows in an unknown direction.  

the garden ring series



year: 2017

Directed by: Alexey Smirnov

Written by: Anna Kozlova

Cast: Maria Mironova, Anatoly Beliy, Irina Rozanova, Yevgenia Brik, Maxim Vitorgan, Julia Aug 

Music: Anna Drubitch 

Produced by: Marmot Film 

Producer: Valery Todorovskiy

Language: Russian

Format: 12 episodes/52 minutes per episode 

Vera Smolina has got everything one could dream of: ideal family, husband, beautiful house in the center of Moscow, interesting job. And then one day her son Ilya disappears without trace.  What could have caused such a thing in the ideal Vera's world?  Trying to understand what has happened to Ilya and despite the scepticism of others, Vera starts her own investigation and discovers that her world is not at all what she thought.