road movie/drama 

Countries: Russia, Latvia

Directed by: Alexey Uchitel

Written by: Alexander Gonorovsky

DOP: Yury Klimenko

Produced by: Rock Films 

Cast:  Yevgeny Tsyganov, Maryana Spivak, Paulina Andreeva

Music: Fyodor Zhuravlev

Art Director: Elena Zhukova, Olga Mikhailova 

Runtime: 98 minutes 

Theatrical release in Russia: November 2020 

Budget: USD 2,1 million 

World premiere:  36th Warsaw International Film Festival 


It’s August, 1990 – and Pavel, a bus driver on a Latvian highway, kills the most famous rock star in the Soviet Union, Viktor Tsoi.

An ordinary man, Pavel always tried to do the right thing, never taken sharp turns. Never heard Tsoi’s songs, either. 

Pavel will drive singer's body to Leningrad, since there's no one else to do the job. A party of mourners – Tsoi’s wife and her new boyfriend, Tsoi's mistress, his producer, his young son and an obsessed photographer - all accompany the body.

This is going to be a long trip, the perfect occasion for an agonising unravelling of love, jealousy, ambition, and greed.

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