12 episodes x 52 min

Directed by: Alexey Smirnov

Written by: Anna Kozlova

Cast: Maria Mironova, Anatoly Beliy, Irina Rozanova, Yevgenia Brik, Maxim Vitorgan, Julia Aug 

Music: Anna Drubitch 

Produced by: Marmot Film 

Producer: Valery Todorovskiy

Language: Russian

Vera Smolina has got everything one could dream of: ideal family, beautiful house in the center of Moscow, interesting job. And then one day her son Ilya disappears without trace.  What could have caused such a thing in the ideal Vera's world?  Trying to understand what has happened to Ilya and despite the scepticism of others, Vera starts her own investigation and discovers that her world is not at all what she thought. 

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