Year: 2020

Directed by: Valery Todorovskiy

Written by: Lubov Mulmenko, Valery Todorovskiy

DOP:  Jean-Noёl  Mustоnen F.S.C.

Composer: Anna Drubitch

Producers: Valery Todorovskiy, Natalya Drozd-Makan, Aleksi Hyvärinen, Toni Valla 

Produced by:  Marmot Film (Russia),

Don Films, Post Control (Finland)

Cast:  Sergey Giro, Maxim Sukhanov, Yekaterina Fedulova, Sergey Medvedev

Art Director: Julia Makushina, Alexander Osipov

Editor: Alexey Bobrova

Production budget: USD 1,3 million 

Runtime: 113 minutes

Rating: 12+

Countries: Russia/Finland

World premiere:  42nd Moscow International Film Festival 

Date of theatrical release in Russia: 15.10.20

Theatrical distribution in Russia: Sony Pictures 


Misha suffers from sleepwalking, so his mother takes him to the famous hypnotherapist Volkov for treatment. At first, Misha is enchanted by the famous doctor, he spend a lot of time with him, assists at his sessions, meets his other patients and falls in love with Polina whose issue is the fear of death. 

Until at some point Misha starts to realise that Volkov is not who he seems and all this time the doctor has been playing dangerous games with his mind.

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